It's time to
think bigger.

You're not just a copywriter or graphic designer or UX professional. You're someone hired to solve a measurable problem. But how do you prove your value when doing creative work?

Through Conversion Design, a new approach to creative work that leads to measurably better results for you, your clients, and your users.

It’s time to take a step back and see how Conversion-focused Design delivers measurably better results for users, capital-D Designers, and the people signing our checks.

That's why we created this resource.

You'll learn how to apply the design skills you use everyday in a range of use cases. And you'll learn how to communicate this value to bosses by focusing on measuring change... right from the outset of a project.

Unicorns are overrated. Be a platypus.

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Seems like there are a lot of creative fields these days, huh?

  • Graphic design
  • Ilustration
  • UX
  • Video
  • CX
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Etc.

It feels vicious sometimes, especially if you find yourself accidentally in the "wrong" community. But when you take a step back…

...we’re all doing very similar work. So why are we stratifying our community with too many labels?

It’s time to think bigger about how our work… works.

...How design works with tech

...How words work with visuals

...How our Design works with business requirements

...and more.

I call this big-picture thinking Conversion Design.

What is Conversion Design?

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It’s a way to think about everyone our work affects. From users, to fans, to the suits up top.

And it's a way to transfer the design skills and knowledge we gain in one area – say, copywriting – to another area of design – like UX, graphic design, or instructional design.

It's a way to think bigger about our roles in shaping the world. And it's a way to become truly empowered to enact positive change.

Some of us have been thinking this way for a while. But for many of us, it’s a new, more valuable approach:

  • More value to users
  • More value to clients
  • More proof of our own value to bosses

Now, this open-source Conversion Design course will help everyone who creates for a living. Whether you're a visual designer, copywriter, developer or something else, this course will help you use Conversion Design to unlock measurably more success in your work, businesses, and users’ lives.

The course is completely free and consists of four lessons.

There’s never any pitch or spam. Just open-source knowledge.

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About the Creator

Matt Hall, MBA works as a conversion rate optimization strategist. But Matt's also worked as a...

  • Content strategist
  • UX copywriter
  • UX designer
  • Content writer
  • Marketing manager
  • Web developer

...and in plenty of other roles. With his love of both conversion-focused user journeys, ethical UX, and good capital-D Design, Matt created this free course to help Designers of all kinds learn how they can better prove their worth while making the world a little better for our audiences.

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